Sara Mirnezami

Master Sara Mirnezami


Sara Mirnezami was born in 1970 in Tehran. Her curiosity about carpet motifs sparked at a young age, and this is why her artistic career, both as a designer and as an academic, started early on. She managed to sell her art in the field in those first few years, and after meeting the Aghamiri clan, she benefited from a career of artistic collaboration with this family of artists and has been so privileged to learn a great deal from them.

During her studies, she greatly benefited from her mentors, Masters Pakdast and Anasori, and since then, she has gone on to win many national titles as an artist.

Mirnezami’s participation in over 50 national and international art exhibitions is among her artistic achievements. Her academic activities as a writer, editor, and professor at universities and art schools and her role as a judge in multiple art festivals and exhibitions are among her other achievements, which showcase her hard work and prowess in the field as a notable artist

Most of Mirnezami’s artistic career revolves around carpet design. She has established a central design office for carpet design and maintains continuous cooperation with several other design offices and carpet manufacturers in Iran as well as other Asian and European countries.

Years of experience in carpet design have made her a notable figure in the carpet design community and among other carpet designer artists. Mirnezami’s position as Tehran Carpet Designers Association’s Responsible Manager and Iran Carpet Designers Association’s Chairman of the Board of Directors are among her other responsibilities and achievements as an artist.